VERÉB, Szandra


Title of contribution:

Bodywork: Who I am – My place in the Big Whole

Where & when:

Play Room.
Thursday, May 28th, 2020
15:30 – 18:00

Workshop: Bodywork: Who I am – My place in the Big Whole

This workshop supports you to find out who you are – in that regard, what personality itself cannot really conceive. “What” you and “who” you really are in whole system, where is your “place”, what is your destiny – if there is any -, from a higher perspective, from a global view. As part of the integral world, we can create and experience at the same time where we are now, what we perceive in the present moment and where we are facing to, raising together the global integral awareness. You can find your place and role in that evolution.

Integral place:
4 quadrants:
Individual inner: Self-experience (starting from the physical, energetical, mental bodies)
Individual outer: through our bodies (bodywork excersises, meditation, constellation)
Common inner: in the we space (we space processes)
Common outer: which might have an impact on the global community (topic: your role within the global awareness)

Possible affected stages: W0-10, given that Bodywork is a complex method which is able to cover the whole spectrum of consciousness.
Mainly we start to work in this workshop on stages of W1-3 (starting from our body expanding to the personality W4-6, and expanding consciousness further to W6-7-8-9 and W10, where the manifested and not manifested meet as one. All of these perspectives and experiences are different and important and may contribute to the global integral awareness, wherever one gets in this procedure.

About Veréb Szandra:

I am an integral counselor, bodywork group leader, constellation leader, oriental dancer and doula. I accompany people with integral approach on their way to themselves in private sessions and in groups. My psychologycal and spiritual studies have been started at the Integral Academy, in that era I started to meditate as well. Now I became a mother, spending time at home with my baby.

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