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WANT TO BECOME YELLOW Remember the forgotten code

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Projekt: WANT TO BECOME YELLOW Remember the forgotten code

Treating Beige as the orphan child of the spiral, denying its existence and ignoring the weaving in of the unique intelligences Beige has to offer, may create substantial holes in the tapestry of spiral that we as humanity are weaving together. The lingering question remains – how can we try and be turquoise or coral if large parts of the globe face life conditions that can only be met with Beige, Purple, Red and in a lesser degree Blue and Orange thinking. As we still cannot agree that there is something like global warming; although there is devastating evidence to the effect; how can we claim that Green (F) life conditions will enable S-mechanisms (Green) to switch on in the brain? How can we claim to be Green if we are not daily, constantly busy with earth consciousness and healing humanity? As humanity, we will not move forward (or is it backwards, upwards or downwards) if we ignore the life conditions that daily face the majority of emerging economies, places where there still is poverty, diseases such as malaria and war stricken countries. The paper attempts to conceptualise Beige as a critical pre-requisite of being Yellow.

About Viljoen Rica:

Rica developed the Benchmark of Engagement (BeQ), a tool that describes the human energy in systems to perform, that was administered in more than 50 countries. In 2017 Rica has been awarded the CEO award for her contribution to the field of study nationally and internationally by the Institute of Personal Management (IBP) for which she also acted as ambassador. She is a board member of the South African Board of People Practices. She is a world renowned facilitator and author

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