(South Africa)

Title of contribution:

Gaudi, Da Vinci and Picasso – Truly Turquoise?

Where & when:

Play Room
Tuesday, May 26th, 2020
14:00 -17:00

Workshop: Gaudi, Da Vinci and Picasso – Truly Turquoise?

Visit the lives of Gaudi, Da Vinci and Picasso. Through an hour and a half experiential session, participants are invited to step out of their shoes and into those of thought leaders and artists of a century ago. An art-base activity follows where the group learns to deal with co-creation, defence mechanisms and social systems theory through a psycho-dynamic lens. The intervention is concluded with a theoretical sense of Turquoise and and invitation to explore this emerging human niche.

About Viljoen Ruan:

Ruan is personally trained by Dr Don Beck and Dr Loraine Laubscher in spiral dynamics and adaptive intelligence. He is an expert on the Change State Indicator and Psychological Map instruments that describe adaptive intelligence. His unique contribution to the field of study of multiculturalism lies in generational theory. Ruan successfully implemented various transformational processes of which the most recent is in the health care industry. He is busy with his MBA at Henley Business School

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