WALSH, Roger


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What Is Wisdom and How Can It Be Cultivated?

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Presentation: What Is Wisdom and How Can It Be Cultivated?

Wisdom is desperately needed, yet little understood and rarely practiced. This presentation offers an understanding of wisdom drawn from multiple cultures as well as a collection and analysis of the world’s methods for cultivating it. These methods range from relational (e.g. teachers and community) to intellectual (study and reflection) to contemplative (meditation and visualization) to educational, neurological, and more. The presentation will also offer an opportunity to practice some of these methods.

About Walsh Roger:

Roger Walsh MD., Ph.D. DHL is a professor of psychiatry, philosophy, & anthropology at the University of California. He researches contemplative practices, capacities such as love and wisdom, and our contemporary global challenges. His books include Essential Spirituality and The World of Shamanism, and his work has received over twenty national and international awards. He was formerly a circus acrobat, world-record high diver, and unsuccessful standup comedian. See www.drrogerwalsh.com

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