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The Path of Vertical Leadership

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The Path of Vertical Leadership

This workshop will offer a taste of how we work with early developmental trauma (aka relational attachment trauma) in our transformative Integral programs.

After establishing a foundation using the Hara/Heart/Head approach that informs our approach to cultivating embodied Integral development, we will move into an exploration of how developmental trauma has made this last year more challenging for almost everyone.

The perhaps outrageous propositions that I’ll be inviting us into are: [1] we all have developmental trauma because modern systems and culture are soaked in collective trauma (Thomas Hübl), [2] to a significant degree our adult personalities are a response to our early developmental trauma – raising the question of who we each would be if we healed?, and [3] our personal reactions to COVID and COVID precautions has been almost mechanistically determined by our developmental trauma profile?

We will be trying on new perspectives, getting old stuck energies moving, and possibly dis-identifying with aspects of our identity that no longer serve.

Those who prefer their own vertical development over defending the current organization of their self-system may find an opportunity to start to shift in the direction of greater developmental maturity and more internal-external coherence.

At minimum, my intention is to cultivate a fertile vertical learning space in which each of us has a chance to intuit a possible next step in This developmental journey that is our lives.

About Jesse Mckay:

Jesse is a co-founder of MetaIntegral Academy and a member of Action Inquiry Associates. He has a degree in psychology and an MBA in corporate strategy. Jesse’s professional background includes engineer for systems on the International Space Station in Germany and France, management consultant in Russia, Canada and the USA, and integral retreat facilitator on 6 continents. He has been designing and facilitating integral leadership programs since 2006.

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