Doshin Nelson,

Chris Alder

(United States)

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What must heal and what must die to grow & awaken?

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What must heal and what must die to grow & awaken?

Ken Wilber states in The Religion of Tomorrow that it is our shadows in both states and structures of consciousness, as well as what is driving them, that keeps us stuck unable to continue evolving and awakening. Doshin points to a “Whole Spectrum of Shadows”: First, the sub-personalities repressed into the unconscious, which are split off at different levels of ego development. Second, the experiences of states which are deeply interlaced with the First-Tier structures of consciousness. And finally, the driving forces: The Karma, family Karma, insecure attachment issues, and preverbal, developmental and shock traumas that underly and drive our individual shadows. Here, “The trembling terror must be felt and freed”. Where are we stuck? Where are both our development and awakening frozen? What must be healed and what must die in order to continue healthy transcending and including? What are we addicted to and allergic to individually? What we are addicted to is what we hold most sacred; and what we are allergic to is what we despise in others that we see as profane. Both addictions and allergies, keep us trapped and frozen unable to transcend and include. Here it is essential to differentiate between individual and collective shadows as we examine all this. Join Doshin Roshi and Chris Alder in this interactive and humbling exploration of stuck-ness, death, rebirth, and liberation in all four quadrants.

Names of co-contributor Chris Alder:

Chris Alder is passionately dedicated to all forms of human growth and development, personal, professional and spiritual. He graduated as an Integral Master Coach™ with Integral Coaching Canada (ICC) in 2011 and went on to join the faculty in 2015. He is also an Integral Zen Priest, executive coach, leadership facilitator/trainer and dedicated father to his 2-year-old girl. His presentation style has been described as enthusiastic, engaging and thought-provoking

About Doshin Nelson:

Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi Doshin is a poet, teacher, and troublemaker – a Zen Master of no rank. Founder of Integral Zen and the Poetry of Dying Project. Doshin worked directly with JunPo as he developed the Process of Mondo Zen. The Integral Zen Zendo was 18 blocks from Ken Wilber’s loft. He considers Ken one of his Teachers. Doshin has developed several practice methods, he calls “Wu Technologies” to initiate curious seekers into a direct experience of absolute freedom, from seeking mind.

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