John Thompson

(United Kingdom)

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Transformational Connection

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Transformational Connection

Every one of our relationships can be used as an integral practice for our growth. Awakening to how we are formed through our connections with others can liberate our aliveness and connection to something greater as well as supporting grounded nourishing relationships. The practices of Circling and Surrendered Leadership shine light on the intricacies of our connections with others and in this way allow for new pathways of self and intimacy to take shape. They support powerful personal growth and open doors to amplified group fields and collective intelligence. Working from the ground up these simple practice can take us very deep into the unseen habitual ways of being that have been running in us for years or they could open us into that simple feeling of being. Approach relationship in this way is a game changer for bringing integral theory into a deeper embodiment in your life.

About John Thompson:

John’s background is in integral coaching, NARM, and Circling. With his friend Sean Wilkinson, they co-founded Circling Europe, a well-known organization providing Surrendered Leadership and Circling practices for people to become more loving, grateful, connected, and present. They develop their unique flavor of Circling and the 5 principles which have spread to over 25 countries in the last 8 years, and trained 100s of leaders as a result.

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