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Love, Power & Purpose

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Love, Power and Purpose

Over centuries humanity has created solid narratives about love and power. These narratives vastly define social dynamics in societies all around the globe. This has given rise to systems that have created great prosperity, but a new consciousness is emerging from which we can see that many aspects of what we have created are not serving us anymore and are harming our livelihood – the harm coming from a paradigm of separation and control.
It appears we are rediscovering what mankind originally never questioned: that we humans are an interconnected and interdependent part of the greater whole, and we are here for a reason – to fulfill a purpose.
Consequently, we have been seeing a fast-growing global community exploring how to live a purpose driven life both personally and when doing our work in the world. This gave rise to various new forms of organizing. Yet, while exploring how to shift into this new way of being, many still experience fears about fully manifesting their purpose; fears of rejection and loneliness, of losing security and independence, and more.
A decade of exploring these phenomena has shown: the old stories of love and power are in the way of living our full potential and manifesting our purpose.
In this workshop you are invited: let us explore how to co-create new narratives – of love, of power, and how their unification can empower us to manifest purpose in service of the greater whole – individually and collectively.

About Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller

Christiane is a seasoned entrepreneur, international cusiness consultant, coach and specialist in self-organization. Learning from her experience of what it means to make such a fundamental shift, Christiane today is fully focused on supporting both individuals and organizations on this transformational journey.
Always driven by her purpose and inspired by the many years of doing this work, she is currently writing her book: “The Story of Love, Power and Purpose”

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