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Action Inquiry. The Meaning- making after the Death of Truth

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Play Room

Wednesday, 23rd May

Project: Action Inquiry. The Meaning-making after the Death of Truth

Post-truth as a global state of mind is deeply shaping conscious and unconscious aspects of life, cultures, political or personal drama. Language and Meaning are main actors in this theatre, Language plays an on-stage role, Meaning is an unseen back-stage prompter, and the true story emerges in the gaps between Language and Meaning. There is a kinship between the narratives that organised in late socialism of Soviet Union and the patterns of late liberalism in US and Europe. Looking from a developmental perspective and Action Inquiry practice the dissonance opens a rich context for growth and transformation. With cultivated ability to constantly be in self-corrective mode of AI, interweaving subjective, intersubjective and objective contexts, we can transform the global dissonance into a variety of narratives leading to formation of a new “meaning-making” culture, where the truth is not told, it emerges and is experienced through personal and collective “Listening into the Dark”.

About Irena Pranskeviciute:

Irena born in Lithuania, followed the dramatic journey of her country. She was engaged in culture-scale transformative actions, such as Nation Branding, European Capital of Culture, Social system reforms. Today she facilitates transition towards TEAL, consults in designing sustainable business models. Vast experience of leadership in transformations she integrates into academic research of polycentric, complex systems and self-management models, in order to design society without government.


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