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Individualist in Achiever:

Stages of Integration

Individualist in Achiever:

Stages of Integration

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Ibiza II.

Thursday, 24th 12:00-14:00


Saturday, 26th 12:00-14:00

Individualist in Achiever: Stages of Integration

How Russian entrepreneurs shift to a new Action Logic. Practical conclusions are based on the experience gained in the program of facilitating a group of small and medium-sized business during 2017.

It is always painful for a businessman to shift the focus from results and efficiency to professional interests and pleasure. It happens because any meaningful change in life is a loss, a small death. It’s hard to cope with the fear of losing the years of results in business, status and familiar comfort. After all, these characteristics, in general, are indicators of the leadership success.The shift from the Achiever to the Individualist occurs through the transformation of the concepts of “success” and “I am better than others.” The Achiever asks: “Why do I need all this?”, “What do I really want?”. 
At the presentation we will tell:
– What challenges lead the entrepreneur to the need for transformation.
– What individual and group practices allow to cope with fears and resistance to the Achiever-Individualist shift.
– The difficulties of support of clients in the shift process.
– Three stories about the integral support of entrepreneurs.

About Irina Smirnova

The coach, leading organizational development sessions, business coach. Head of “Vertical (transformational) leadership development” program.

Develop a network of retail and services from one object up to 15 over 5 years with opening of retail outlets in other regions of Russia.Staff development: from the trainees to the World Champions, European, Russian Hairdressing (Paul Okhapkin, Mary Rosenthal, Gevorg Aghamalyan, Natalia Germanova and others), for nail services (Natalia Andreichenko and others) for 6 years. Management of the company in the period of change (economic, financial, internal – change of the company’s owners).


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