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Evolution of Mystical Experience and Synthesis of Spiritual Lineages

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Thursday, 24th May

Project: Evolution of Mystical Experience and Synthesis of Spiritual Lineages

Join in a voyage through the evolution of mystical experience, from the ancient Taoists, Rishis and Yogis, passing through the Christian Age and the evolution of spiritual traditions, to a present full of possibilities.
I-EXPERIENCE (UL): we will immerse ourselves in the presence of Divine Love (AGAPE at Overmind level) as it manifests in the universal non-dual field of consciousness. A meditative talk on the Genesis of the Cosmos and the evolution of mystical experience will follow.
WE-EXPERIENCE (LL): we will explore how different value systems may limit the evolution of mystical experience, and hinder the dialogue and synthesis of spiritual traditions (e.g., absolutistic [BLUE] “my tradition is the one valid,” pluralistic [GREEN] “all traditions lead to the same goal”).
SYNERGIC EXPERIENCE (LR): finally, we will do a group meditation for the energetic acknowledgement of 4 lineages—Christian, Taoist, Buddhist and Indian Dharma—and experience their powerful evolutionary synthesis.

About Isaac Portilla:

ISAAC PORTILLA is a thinker, author and teacher in the fields of contemporary spirituality and spiritual evolution. His work covers four major areas: scientific studies; teaching; spiritual practices; explorations of divine life. In his latest book, The Possibilities of Spiritual Experience: An Autobiographical and Philosophical Exploration, he proposes a path for the modernization of spirituality arguing that “the science of Enlightenment [spirituality] never reached the Enlightenment Age.”


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