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Let it be! – flow of existence

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Tuesday, 22nd May

Project: Let it be! – flow of existence

Me. You. We… Music. Emotions deepen. Moving and body contacts. Sensations sharpen. Simple settings. Projections take place… Connection. Attraction. Intimacy. Fear. Anger. Shame. Pain. Closeness. Empathy. Understanding. Acceptance. Release. Openness… Connection. Attraction…
In the space of the observer mind and pure consciousness, we can let happen „what is”…

In the holding and accepting field of the group we can let happen what is on coming into being. With the help of our body and music we can meet ourselves and others.
We can reach our realm of sensations, emotions and memories: sinking to our personality, or falling through it. And we can have connections: reflect others and express ourselves… is there a difference at all?
Through these experiences understanding, acceptance, action and expression can take place. Descending and emerging… flow of existence.

About István Hanzli:

After I met non-violent communication I started to discover myself. During this journey I have learned dance and movement therapy.


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