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Transformative Listening

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Marabella I.

Friday, 25th May

Project: Transformative listening for helping established organisations going Teal

Research shows that CEOs of organisations worldwide and across all sectors have on the top of their mind questions about the future of work and the future of organisations. (1) The obsolete management paradigm inherited from the 20th century isn’t delivering the answers the world needs right now.
What creates tension even in organization with teal inspired leaders is when in spite of their enlightened ideas they still behave as bosses and many employees are too used to be told what to do.
The change required will need to engage the whole person, help them recognize the hidden power of their blind spots and fears and support and coach people in the practices of self-management.
In this workshop participants will learn how transforming self and organizations are interdependent and how practising the art of transformative listening can shift peoples assumptions and behaviours. They will learn how to apply such practices in daily life and work and become re-inventors themselves.

About Jane Pightling:

Jane has a background as a clinician, manager, coach and OD consultant in health & social care. She believes that self organising approaches provide great opportunities for not for profit and statutory organisations which compliment asset based community development, person centred provision and systems that nurture and develop staff. Jane is passionate about generating and sharing learning to support people to take advantage of these opportunities.

Website: http://enliveningedge.org

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