Title of contribution:

A Matrix for self-management and Sociocracy 3.0

Where & when:

Marabella I.

Thursday, 24th May

Project: Deepening the Teal Purpose

Evolutionary purpose, Selfmanagement and Wholeness can be seen as three dimensions of corresponding values and basic principles of the ongoing world dynamic. In a covert constellation process these dimensions will be explored, personal and collective orientations will be discovered, and deeped with presencing questions. It will become clear what the resources are and what the Teal Purpose needs to thrive further.

About Jean-Paul Munsch:

Jean-Paul Munsch helps leaders, teams and organizations to find their genuine Evolutionary purpose. By using integral methods he deepens this unleashed energy and longing by integrating the basic assumptions and ressources of the first trier. The discovered knowledge, love, and order raises consciousness for second trier, fuels the spirit of the purpose, and encourages to enter the real adventure of Selfmanagement and Wholeness.


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