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Integral Consciousness: Jean Gebser and Contemporary Manifestations of the Diaphanous World

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Sunday, 27th May

Project: Diaphanous Reality: Jean Gebser, Integral Consciousness and Contemporary Manifestations

Jean Gebser offered a unique, phenomenological approach to cohering integral consciousness—particularly, the unfoldment of the structures as their qualities were evidenced in works of art, sculpture, language, myth, and other cultural artifacts. This presentation invites Integral Theory scholars and all participants to truly encounter Gebser’s work—in its own right—by introducing his methodology and exploring integral consciousness through its singular characteristics of “time-freedom” and “diaphaneity.” Building on this understanding, we will “bring to bear” these qualities of the integral structure and seek them out in contemporary cultural manifestations: from remixing the magic and mythic structures in technology, to time-freedom in digital art and cinema, to diaphaneity in the Anthropocene. Multimedia examples will be used to illustrate—or in Gebser’s words, to “concretize”—the latent, yet never more present, integral world.

About Jeremy Johnson:

Jeremy Johnson is an editor, writer, and integral scholar. In 2015, he began serving as the president of the International Jean Gebser Society. In 2017, he founded Nura Learning, an online platform for transformational education. Jeremy is the Curator of Philosophies at Revelore Press. He currently resides in Saint Petersburg, Florida with his wife and cat, and is working on his first book: Passages from Tomorrow.


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