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Creating Awareness through visibility of going Teal

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Marabella I.

Saturday, 26th May

Project: Creating awareness through visibility of organisations going Teal

Having inspiring leading edge Teal examples around the world is very important. But just as important is raising the awareness on the growing amount of much less visible organisations and initiatives which pop up everywhere. Laloux estimated that Teal organizations will be mainstream by 2026. We, the Teal Organisations Mapping team, an initiative of Enliveningedge, want to speed this up by providing a platform for visibility of all organisations active in the Teal paradigm. In this workshop, we want to show you the results of the project so far, and tell why we do what we do and how we got to where we are. But we also want to involve you!
* Self organisation, with examples such as Holacracy have received quite some attention. But how can we make Wholeness & Evolutionary Purpose practices more visible to a wider audience?
* How can you help raise the awareness in your own community?
* Does adding the label ‘Teal’ help or harm?

About Jeroen Vermeer:

Having been born into a family of a nurse and a classics language teacher, I left home going the seemingly opposite direction, becoming a mechanical engineer. Through a career in the shipping industry and having co-owned a shipping line, I have slowly but surely come home again. I found my passion in nursing organizational learning & transformation processes, and do so with a strong systemic focus. The Teal breakthroughs inspire me both in my professional and personal growth.


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