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The Power of Empathy – a Workshop on Nonviolent Communication

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Friday, 25th May

Project: The power of empathy – a workshop on Nonviolent Communication

To create sustainable communication and relationships is crusial in building trust and having influence. People are ready to change and commit when they hear new perspective from sources the trust. One of the most powerful sources for change are us humans. Throughout history we have seen how people ha been ready to make big sacrifices and accomplishing great things out of trust in others. Empathic competence is one of the most trust building skills you can aquire. This workshop will help you develop your ability to listen to others with empathy. When people experiencing empathy and being understood they are more open to listen to others.
In this workshop we will explore the fundamentals of Nonviolent Communication and how it can be applied in every area of your life. After this workshop you will have the tools necessary to better understand people as well as express your self.

About Joachim Berggren:

In the late 80’s and early 90’s Joachim Berggren was engaged in social change (squatting, anti-racism, evironment) and alternative life (communities, festivals). Since the 90’s he has taking part and teaching in Re-evaluation Counseling (RC/Co-counseling). In the end of the 00’s he got deeply involved in and teaching NVC, since 2017 as a CNVC* certified trainer. The last 5 years his interest in Integral Theory has steadily grown and he has presented 3 workshops on the topic.
*Center for NVC


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