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Running the Gamut of Creativity: In Support of Integrative and Embodied Perspective

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Wednesday, 23rd. May

Project: Running the Gamut of Creativity: In Support of Integrative and Embodied Perspective

An integrative theory of creativity, like the people it reflects, would be multi-dimensional, inclusive of complex combinations of biological, cultural, and psychological realities, and with an associated breadth of functions. Creativity research often supports conflicting conclusions. In this workshop, a review of empirical creativity research will be presented. An integrative theory of creativity will be proposed; one that embraces the paradoxical conclusions of past creativity research. This workshop will include three experientials. Using the one dimensional, two dimensional, and three dimensional scales of Rudolf Laban, a metaphor of expanding mental conception of creativity will be explored. Recent research in grounded and embodied cognition supports the long-held belief in dance/movement therapy of the symbolic and metaphoric use of movement and its connection to mental conceptualization. Exploration of this topic will be didactic and embodied.

About Judith Ehrman-Shapiro:

Judith Ehrman-Shapiro, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, RYT is a board-certified dance/movement therapist and member of the American Dance Therapy Association. She is currently a doctoral student at the California Institute for Integral Studies, in integral and transpersonal psychology. Judith runs a private practice in dance/movement therapy and is a 29-year employee in the department of psychiatry at a community hospital in Connecticut. Judith is a dancer and choreographer with the Kiva Dance Collective.

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