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The Divine High- Fungus Fermentation and sacred inebriation

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Play Room

Saturday, 26th May

Project: The Divine High- Fungus Fermentation and sacred inebriation

The documented positive psychological effects associated with the use of these substances suggest promising applications related to healing varying psychological
traumas. Coupled with emerging research which shows the complexity of the brain gut connection. It is evidenced that ancient peoples had acute knowledge of the importance in gut health with a reverence for entering the realm of hyper consciousness as a means of seeking out and curing causative factors of disease.
In this regard there seems to be an important link between gut health and entering “ the realm of the ancestors”; could ancient knowledge of fermentation and yeasts be yet another important link in psychological, physical and psychic well being.
In this presentation the author will identify and compare traditional and contemporary approaches to these concepts. Furthermore the presenter will identify the sacred use and application of yeast in the creation of psychotropic and healing brews.

About Justin Petty:

Justin Petty, M. Ed. (Ser Moudou Awa Balla Baqui) aka Baba Moudou Baqui (Moo-doo Bah-key

Moudou is a third generation metaphysican. He has further continued his studies of shamanism, metaphysics and ethnogenics via travel on several continents and tutelage under different intellectual traditions.

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