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Map Your Way to Teal

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Marabella I.

Friday, 25th May

Project: Map your way to Teal

How can an amber, orange or green organization move toward Teal? What are the necessary (r)evolutionary steps it needs to take to make the transition as short as possible without losing its entire workforce or disrupting its operation completely?

The Reinventing Organizations Map assessment tool helps coaches, trainers and business leaders make conscious decisions about the next step by providing a detailed, clear view of the organizational consciousness levels and its correlations to put the company into an upward spiral toward Teal.

Come and join us on this experiential workshop where you’ll draw your own organization’s consciousness map and can brainstorm with other integral minds how to move toward Teal or how to improve the open source assessment tool.

About Károly Molnár:

My mission is to help organizations safely go through meaningful transformative reorganization that leads to energy rich, alive work environments by empowering people to live to their fullest potential.
In my practice, I use several (R)evolutionary technologies, Epstein Technologies, Somato Respiratory Integration, Theory-U, NVC

Website: http://www.reinvorgmap.com/

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