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Rhythm of being – breath and dance

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Wednesday, 23rd May

Project: Rhythm of being – breath and dance

We always in move, even if we seem to be unmoving, our living cells are in action. We are breathing and it moves our insides. The rhythm of our breath may be connected to the rhythm of our inner or outer experiences, to the pulse of music. There is rhythm in everything. Observe it consciously, look around, let yourself to influenced by this rhythm. Let yourself be captured by the moment, live it through in your own flow, and then turn back to silence and connect yourself to Heaven and Earth.
We call you to dance! A special dance, where you cal feel the unity within yourself, with yourself and with your environment – if you let it happen. Carefully selected music, the movement, and the art of focused attention will help you in your way.
In the dance the rational mind dissolves, we slowly release our roles. Many rules become irrelevant step by step. We do not want to show, explain, expect anything. We just let the flow happen in the dance, for each of us on his or her own way.

About Katalin Gátfalvi:

Katalin Gátfalvi is a mental health professional, coach, focus trainer, breathing trainer, relaxation trainer, and symbol therapist. She has met with free dance at MA-URI® INSTITUTE for the first time. Then she deepened her knowledge on variegation of movement and music experiencing in 5Rithm dance meditation sessions. She experinenced the connection of music and breathing in the Institute for Transpersonal Breathing. She is a personal and group consultant since 2008.

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