Edward Kelly (Ireland)

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In Over Their Heads – Leadership in an Interdependent World

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In Over Their Heads – Leadership in an Interdependent World

The title of my presentation is ‘Action-Logics and World Leaders’ in which I apply a theory and model of adult development to the actions of a number of well-known leaders, including Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern, Angela Merkel and Nelson Mandela, and ask, what is their ‘capacity’ for perspective-taking, awareness of time, openness to feedback and use of power in action and which of the action-logic stages does it most align with’? What the model shows is that Donald Trump is constructing his meaning from an Opportunist action-logic, Mark Zuckerberg from an Expert action-logic, Boris Johnson from an Achiever action logic, Justin Trudeau from an Achiever/Redefining action-logic, Jacinda Ardern and Angela Merkel from a Transforming Action logic and Nelson Mandela from an Alchemical action-logic. Why this matters and why it particularly matters to leadership in an interdependent world is then explored. Participants will also be given the opportunity to apply the four-parameter model (perspectives, timeframe, feedback and power) to a biographical episode from their own lives.

About Edward Kelly:

Edward Kelly grew up in Dublin, Ireland and has been an adventurer, an entrepreneur and an academic and most recently has worked with people transitioning to their Third Act in life. He has a Pd.D in leadership development, an MBA and an Integral Theory Certificate (ITC) from JFKU. He has presented and attended a number of Integral Conferences in the US in 2008 and co-presented at the ITC conference in 2013 with Bill Torbert and is currently writing a book on Action-Logics and World Leaders.


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