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Stages of the Mind: the Enneagram types Growing Up

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Stages of the Mind: the Enneagram types Growing Up

In this session, Dr. ElSherbini presents the methodology and research behind the integration and synthesis of the Enneagram with the Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi) to create the “Stages of the Mind” model.
The Enneagram is a personality model that reveals the hidden patterns of human drives, motivational systems, survival strategies, and meaning making methods of life. While the SDi is a model of the evolutionary development of adult human value systems and worldviews. Together these two models provide a detailed and personalized 2D map of human emotional, cognitive, and psycho-spiritual levels of growth and transformation. By integrating these two models, Dr. ElSherbini has created the most powerful map of adult human development.
“Stages of the Mind”, along with “Stages of the Heart” and “Integral perspectives” form together the three modules of Dr. ElSherbini’s “Integral Enneagram” program.

For more details, visit: https://enneagramegypt.com

About Dr. Khaled ElSherbini:

Dr. ElSherbini is an Enneagram professional and a Spiral Dynamics Integral practitioner. He holds a PhD in Engineering, an MSc in Environmental Sciences, an MBA in Technology Management, and finishing an MSc in Psychology.
Dr. ElSherbini is the author and teacher of the psycho-spiritual programs: “Awaken through Enneagram”, “Integral Enneagram”, and “Integral Enneagram Teacher & Trainer”, where he combines the Enneagram with the Integral model to create tools for cognitive and spiritual growth.

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