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Money and IT as new utilities

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Sunday, 27th May

Project: Money and IT as new utilities

New organisational thinking can be complemented by a new way we think about digitisation and money in society. Thanks to blockchain a lot of buzz is around these opportunities. Let us put this evolution in a broader historical perspective. The way we have organised financial tools have always had an impact on the way organisations work and vice versa. Let’s face the organisational challenges we have these days and let’s explore what we can learn about history of finance and technology. So we design in the innovation space of EU GDPR, blockchain and edge computing for good.

About Lieve Vereycken

My aim and belief:

I do believe we have the opportunity to built the digital infrastructure for our next level of prosperity. It is my aim to connect business to the appropriate infrastructure, because I want to take the high road.

Where do I come from ?

I have had my experience as an entrepreneur in the recruitment business for IT professionals and business consultants. I started my own recruitment agency when the internet was getting introduced in the business world.

As an economist with a passion for prosperity, people and marketing I began to integrate the new e-communication tools towards clients and candidates. But I realised that I was operating in a market model with wicked problems.

I gathered privacy data of all the IT professionals and business consultants for the Flemish market. Business models weren’t adapted to new realities. Shared digital tools, awareness and knowledge were missing to adapt.

Meanwhile, the monopolistic data economy was evolving. It harms our dignity, freedom and creativity as conditions for prosperity while a better prosperity is an option. That’s why I worked further on developed concepts, learned more about new organisational thinking, new business models, data ethics, sustainability and transition programs.


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