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Towards an Integral ‘Whirling Dervish’ Practice

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Toscana I.

Friday, 25th May

Project: Towards an Integral ‘Whirling Drevish’ Practice

This paper is an analysis and a dissection of the Ceremony and practice of Sufi Whirling in the vocabulary of Integral Theory in Ken Wilber’s work. (As understood mainly from: Pre-Trans Fallacy, Eye To Eye, Integral Spirituality, Religion of Tomorrow).
– The quadrants being made explicit and those implicit during attending the ceremony from perspectives of the different people taking part in it : the dervishes, the viewers (aka ‘lovers’), the ‘Sheikh’, ’Samazen Bashi’, and musicians.
– the capacity of the symbology of the Ceremony to be a theatrical Integral story-telling layer.
How states and stages are instigated, pointed at and practised for in this tradition leading up to and during Ceremony.
-Levels of Development: in story-telling symbology, in practice and evolutionary (historic) timeline.
– A very brief history of Colet House in London where I learned and how it evolved from Gurdgief-Ouspensky-lineage leading up to Philip Jacobs’ Integral holding of it.

About Lilac Taile:

I have discovered Integral theory about three years ago. And have been trained as a whirling dervish and an intense weekly training for the past year. Born in Baghdad and studying sufi music in Cairo.
Facinated about and called to commit to the Whirling Dervish dance and sharply noticing its details and how they link to and make sense through the Integral lense.

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