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The 5 Chairs experience: Conscious Behaviours for Integral Living

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Marabella II.

Saturday, 26th May

Project: The 5 Chairs experience: Conscious Behaviours for Integral Living

Successful living depends primarily on the way we manage our behaviours, moment-to-moment. Our behaviours impact everything we do; the way we live, love, work, parent and lead. They create the atmosphere of our workplaces, the climate of our homes and the culture of our society at large.
– How aware are we of the impact our behaviours have on other people and the environment?
– Are our behaviours serving us well?
– Are we in control of our emotions or do they often control us?
– How are we leading ourselves and our relationships in every moment ?
– Are we facing those difficult conversations or are we avoiding them?
The 5 CHAIRS addresses these questions head on. Described by many as a life-changing experience, the 5 Chairs act as a behavioural compass for us, mirroring our daily reactions and forcing us to track what we’re thinking, what we’re feeling and how we’re behaving in any given moment. The ultimate aim of the Chairs is to bring us into more conscious living.

About Louise Evans:

Louise’s passion is to work with the human side of organizations. She believes deeply in people’s ability to grow, transform and contribute to collective awakening. After 30 years of training and coaching in international organisations, her professional life is now dedicated to delivering her powerful evolutionary tool, The 5 Chairs, which encourages people to choose behaviours that lead to a more compassionate and interconnected way of being together, both at work and at home.

Website: http://www.the5chairs.com

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