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The Koan of Illness: Five Questions

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The Koan of Illness: Five Questions

We will investigate the curious role of chronic Illness in human life through group discussion and exercises, using poetry, stories, and the models of integral theory, with a focus on the following questions:

– What universal virtues arise from the chronic illness experience?
– May chronic illness serve as an accelerant to waking up and growing up?
– How is illness separate from life? Might the yin/yang principle and the value of integral wholeness demand a different framing of illness?
– Where does suffering come from? From self, other, or life itself? What are the (sometimes negative) impacts of positive thinking and spiritual bypassing?
– Can you create your own reality? New Age theory claims you can. Wilber says we can change our experience of reality but not reality itself. Deepak Chopra claims that if you try to fight reality you are going up against the whole universe. Nondualists suggest there is not even a doer. How can we understand this question as it relates to chronic illness?

About Lynn Fuentes

Lynn Fuentes, CEO of Transformation Teaching, created The Koan of Illness, a program applies integral theory to working with illness and reframes illness as an inseparable part of our humanity and a valid personal and spiritual growth path.

Lynn has a BA, MA, JD, and PhD, and training with several methods of personal growth. She and her husband, José, leaders of the Hispanoamerican Integral Conference, host an integral salon and offer online courses in English and Spanish.

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