Marc Jean

Title of contribution:

Integral Theatre Workshop: Building the Body of your Future Self

Where & when:

Play Room

Thursday, 24th May

Project: Integral Theatre Workshop: Building the Body of your Future Self

The purpose of this workshop is to build a new way of relating to the world using our own body as ressource. Our gross body is the border of the interior and the exterior, the keeper of our individuality and the guardian of our unconscious and conscious mind. Through theatre excerices we will discover our particular way of being and it’s expresssion through our body. We will get aware of how we move through and communicate with the world in our particular body-language. Then we will deconstruct it to enter a ‘neutral’ body state. From this body-mind state we will let in the higher self building the new bodystep by step. By using methods from the theatre and coaching we will integrate this new way of going and seeing, making it a future resource to deal with the challenges of our world.

About Marc Jean Wernli:

Certified Actor at the ‘Hochschule für Theater’ Bern (CH). Won a Migros scholarship as promising young actor. Stage Director Assistant Schauspielhaus Bochum (D). Stage Director in various theatres in Germany. Voted as ‘Most Promising Young Director’ in ‘Theater Heute’. Theatre Youth Group Coordinator Bochum. Performing Arts teacher in Bern. Hatha & Kundalini Yoga diplom AEPY in Barcelona. InnerWise Mentor for Spain. Certified Integral Master Coach (IMC) with Integral Coaching Canada.

Website: https://www.integralcoachingcanada.com/icc_coaches?location=All&field_language=All&keywords=Wernli

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