ROBLEDO, Marco Antonio (Spain)

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The Hierarchy of Anarchy: Holarchical Structures and 3D Management

Mapping organizational theories

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The Hierarchy of Anarchy: Holarchical Structures and 3D Management

Getting rid of formal bosses does not mean hierarchy disappears. That is a common misunderstanding in this new tendency towards boss-less and flat organizations. The root cause of the problem is the belief, especially of people at the green level of development, that hierarchies are inherently bad. In this paper we resort to integral theory to recover depth in organizations where higher is no longer a dirty word but a natural and desirable condition of a holarchy. Using 3D-Management theory as a framework, we will explain in practical terms how self-management and holarchy are fully compatible within a holarchical organizational structure.

About Marco Antonio Robledo:

Dr. Marco Antonio Robledo (PhD, MBA, BA) is Full Professor of the Department of Business Economics of the University of the Balearics (UIB) and director of the Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

His research focuses in New Organizational Paradigms and how to build organizations that are more conscious, humane and socially responsible. He is the author of a pioneer integral theory of management called 3D-Management and the founder and leader of the 3D Management Club of Conscious Organizations.

He defines himself as a change agent that helps organizations and individuals in their integral development and transformation towards higher levels of consciousness. He is experienced with and integrates in his work many of today’s most innovative tools for transformation, including: Integral Theory and AQAL, Spiral Dynamics, Immunity to Change, Sociocracy, Holacracy, Non-Violent Communication, and Evolutionary Coaching.

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