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Feminine Shadow                                                          Panorama
and Women in Leadership                                           Thursday, 24th 12:00-14:00


Feminine Shadow                                                           Ibiza II.
and Women in Leadership                                            Friday, 25th 16:45-18:00




Project: Feminine Shadow and Women in Leadership

Feminine Shadow work is an opportunity to come together with other women in a playful, daring and ultimately impactful way, to gain new understandings about the ways women negotiate power and relationships with masterful yet obscure dynamics and find ways to work through them by becoming more responsible onto ourselves and revealing to other women.
We will shed light on what shadow is – what we are not willing to own in our 1st perspective – and how it manifests. As we create more awareness and become more available to parts of ourselves that we normally project onto other women, we discover new possibilities to relate, collaborate and support.
The assumption is: “when we bring these hidden dynamics forward they become your power and you can have more influence in the world and in your leadership as a woman.”
This work is important and relevant today because women discuss power issues in gender and biases but rarely do we speak of the #1 Nemesis of women: Other Women.

About Maria Bailey:

Maria Bailey is a certified, trained and gifted Integral Coach and Integral Facilitator for individuals, groups and teams. She uniquely challenges clients to clarify integrity, discover larger purposes and generate creative actions to effectively move forward in both personal and professional contexts. She is a devoted self-directed learner, a student of leading thinkers in adult development and group dynamics and passionate about facilitating learning circles for women leaders.

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