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Ordinary Habits, Extraordinary Life: Four Masters

Ordinary Habits, Extraordinary Life: Four Masters

What is an extraordinary life?
After interviewing numerous masters in their field, Maria Bailey brings us compelling stories and lessons that illustrate how we can evolve and develop through our daily and seemingly inconsequential habits. We can generate powerful deliberate moments to nurture, improve and impact how we influence the world.
Anchored in the belief that we can’t change situations, but we can change ourselves, we will explore how to move with our body/mind with purposeful conscious action, aligning to something greater than ourselves, knowing the impact our work has on others by attending to the ordinary habits in our lives.
This simple and profound exploration may prove to be the gateway to a life worth living and dying for.

About Maria Bailey:

Maria Bailey is a certified and gifted Master Integral Coach and Facilitator. A student of adult development, interpersonal dynamics and mindfulness for 20 years practicing Integral Theory, leadership, women’s empowerment, inclusion and diversity. She works as professional developmental coach, conflict mediator, workshop facilitator and motivational speaker and currently serves as an ordained Rinzai Zen priest.

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