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From Zero Waste to Max Thriving – NSW gatherings

Where & when:

Marabella I.

Thursday, 24th May

Project: From Zero Waste to Max Thriving: Next Stage World Gathering(s), Growing the Community of Next Stage Practitioners

This is going to be an experiential and interactive approach with the participants on the story of “Next Stage World Gathering: The Global Gathering of Leaders, Reinventors and Pioneers” in its second year of evolution as an organisation in its own right and as contributor to the global integral movement and practice. The talk/workshop will focus especially on the last gathering (April 2018) on the small island of Halki, where it’s taking its evolutionary leap towards an organisational space for “zero waste – max thriving”, practicing what we named as: “prototyping the irresistible future”. From our 2 year experience of NSW Gatherings, we are going to showcase specific examples of organistions and practices that are in the core of innovation and fostering systemic evolution on local and glocal way and level. We are going to guide you into the models we see emerging with reference to the common elements of innovative organisations as well as the learnings from a meta-perspective.

About Maria Bakari:

An Organisational Psychologist & Next Stage World Practitioner with extensive experience in Educational Leadership and Co-Creative, Collaborative Leadership interventions fostering Collective Intelligence and Creativity in Organisations & the Public Sphere. She is a co-founder of the Initiative and Foundation to be “Next Stage World: A Global Gathering of Organisation Leaders and Reinventors” and the gathering which happens twice a year in Rhodes. See more about her at:


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