Title of contribution:

Cities as Resonant Bodies

Where & when:

Ibiza I.

Tuesday, 22nd May

Project: Cities as Resonant Bodies: Co-assembling We-space Through a Somatic Inquiry into the Integral City Paradigm

This workshop introduces a somatic inquiry into the paradigm so-called “Integral City,” along with key concepts, through the empirical lens of participatory modes of We-space in practice. From the Integral vision of the human evolutionary intelligence, this session aims to provide a collaborative experiential demonstration, somatically grounded, in the aim to exemplify, through play, movement and rewiring methods, self-organizing meshworks of humans, nonhumans and more-than humans with their living environments. This real-time meshworking assemble varying degrees of somatic awareness coalescently with tensions, conflicts, resistances and matters of concern that arise around some of today’s wicked urban problems (depletion of resources, population pressure, water scarcity, energy monopoly, climate change policies, etc.), and gradually articulate enriched embodied-relational design approaches to reconfigure and restore aliveness into Gaia’s fabric of life.

About Maria Prieto:

Maria Prieto is a Spanish international facilitator, educator, researcher, architect, designer, movement artist and filmmaker. She is Founding Director of Gaia Shakti, an Integral practice committed to develop somatic arts alongside earth-bond design practice. She is a Member of Integral City Meshworks UK and of Integral City Meshworks Netherlands, a Board Member of the International Permaculture Convergence Council, and an invited artist at Boom Festival and Science & Nonduality conferences.


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