Title of contribution:

Integral City 4.0: Evolving Placecaring & Placemaking in the Human Hive

Where & when:

Ibiza I.

Sunday, 27th May

Project: Integral City 4.0: Evolving Placecaring & Placemaking in the Human Hive

This session considers the city (aka human hive) as Gaia’s Reflective Organ, though the lenses of bio-psycho-cultural-social realities. We explore the beehive as a lesson in complexity and the implications of the Master Code which guides human systems to “placecare and placemake” at 4 scales (self, others, place and planet). We will share case studies, maps, strategies and toolkits to examine the prospects of today’s cities as they evolve into the cities of the future. Out beyond the Traditional City, out beyond the Smart City, out beyond the Resilient City lives the Integral City. There is a Knowing Field – we will meet you there.

About Marilyn Hamilton:

Dr.Hamilton is founder of Integral City Meshworks Inc. Author of the Integral City book series, she creates practices, tools & theoretical frameworks to explore the city with integral, evolutionary & living system paradigms. Guest Editor of Integral Leadership Review, Canada Issue 2015, and Producer of the Integral City 2.0 Online Conference 2012, she designs & delivers city Learning Lhabitats. Faculty at Royal Roads U & U Victoria, she lectures at U’s around the world & coaches grad students.


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