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Growing Older at Any Age

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Saturday, 26th May

Project: Growing Older at Any Age

Aided by still slides from our many video interviews (full guest list at we explore what growing older is revealing itself to be, a process that begins in the womb and continues sometimes smoothly, sometimes not, throughout life. Some changes are “simply” biological (birth, puberty, menopause, etc.), others happen within a supportive (or not!) social context.
While huge additional numbers of older than 65’s (“traditional” retirement agers) not only change the economics of pensions and medical care, we now know that as a group, older people are generally happier than younger people (not at all what the young project!) Residential arrangements go far beyond the traditional retirement “communities” or the not yet extinct “warehousing” approaches of many public facilities. Rather, the elderly are now a political bloc who actually VOTE, demanding a mature say in how they will live rather than accepting the designs of young bureaucrats. Can we live to 150 or more?

About Mark Davenport:

American Midwesterner, age 63, now expat in Italy X 6 years. Academics: BE, BA and MA in Italian Literature from U of Wisconsin (1969) years of secondary level teaching, also years as drug and Alcohol Counselor. Retiree in Florida gave time to examine life, led to some 12 years of interest in Integral Theory and SDi led to life changing perspectives on me, us, other and others! Presenter on Ageism IEC2016, 3 years of weekly video interviewing on integral topics with partner Heidi Hörnlein.


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