Title of contribution:

Embodying Teal – Resilience & growth practices lab for embracing the VUCA world

Where & when:

Marabella II.

Tuesday, 22nd May

Project: Embodying Teal – Resilience & growth practices’ lab for embracing the VUCA world

* We will explore experientially, through the body, our personal relationship to the 4 conditions of the VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) :
– Which ones do we navigate with most ease ? What inner resources / ways of BEING enable us specifically to do so ? What are we DOING operationally in our bodymind that supports this ?
– Which of these VUCA conditions do we find most challenging ? How does our personal « signature survival pattern » show up under pressure in these VUCA conditions ?
* From there, we will play with different practices to see how they support in us state shifts (horizontal development) and the connection to our next stage of being, seing, relating and acting (vertical development).
In a highly interactive format, we will blend somatic « VUCA simulator » exercises in pairs or triads (gentle somatic work of low intensity, no particular physical condition needed) with individual journalling and emergent, generative large group inquiry.

About Maud Raber:

A somatic, developmental coach, Holacracy, Art of Hosting and systemic constellations facilitator, Maud is a purpose agent at Next Stage World and Working @ the Next Stage. She designs and hosts bodymindful practices and spaces where horizontal development meets vertical development (stage and stage shifts) to enable embodying our next stage of being, meaning-making, relating and co-creating. Her work supports self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose to effectively emerge at work..


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