Miriam Mason Martineau (Netherlands)

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Integral Parenting: Foundation for a Sane Future

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Integral Parenting: Foundation for a Sane Future

Parenting is a form of in-depth long-term activism. When we truly understand that the foundations for human life and relationship are laid in the early years of a person’s life, we have every reason to put our care, our attention and intention toward this central phase of human development. Transforming how we parent is one of the most effective ways to change culture and society. In order to do so, we must begin with ourselves, for we parent as we are — our instrument in parenting is indeed our Self.
In this presentation that includes both reflective as well as interactive elements, we will explore how we are collectively parenting our future. What capacities do our children need to navigate the world as it is unfolding? In turn, what capacities do we need to develop and practice so that, together, we can co-create a sane future?

About Miriam Mason Martineau:

Miriam Mason Martineau (MSc Psychology, University of Zurich) is a mother, integral therapist, parenting coach, writer, speaker, and researcher. She has been working in private practice since 1995. Through her writing, workshops, speaking engagements, counselling individuals and couples, as well as parent coaching and online integral parenting course, she helps adults and youth discover and express their evolving potential – in themselves, their relationships, and the world.


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