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Circling Introduction

Psychedelics Supporting

Stage Development

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Ibiza I.

Thursday, 24th 15:30-16:45

Play Room

Saturday, 26th 12:00-14:00

Circling Introduction

Come to learn the building blocks of Circling and try them out immediately! Circling is a fast-growing We-Space practice, creating more depth and authenticity by training our curiosity and openness.

Circling is a highly effective relational practice that boosts the depth in your relationships, including the one with yourself. It is a combination of meditative presence, body awareness and non-violent communication, and builds curiosity and a readiness to show up vulnerably.

We practice simply being present with what arises in the moment, both in ourselves, and in connection with other people, stepping away from story and assumption, fixing or changing. “The only place to get, is more here.” Circling allows you to express yourself fully and to be seen as you are.

The practice quickly builds relational capacity and increasing sensitivity to (and trust in) what is happening in and around you. It allows your relational blind spots to become visible, and gives you insight into your impact, your stories, how you are perceived and how you are perceiving. It is a beautiful and extremely efficient way to highlight (golden) shadows, by staying curious together.

Outline / stagescript

– Welcome, short meditation & check-ins
– What is Authentic Relating and Circling? 
– Duo exercises: Distinction between Notice (It), Feel (I), Imagine (I of other) with switching partners and short debriefs
– Short Circles in triads: weaving shared reality (We) 
– Shares and closing

Psychedelics Supporting Stage Development

People can sustainably upgrade their life after even one session. Long understood mental concepts and desired states effortlessly integrate into a lived experience of Beauty, Truth and Goodness.

Psychedelics are no silver bullet, but can certainly be part of a well rounded Integral Life Practice for personal evolution. The interest in using entheogens (substances that “generate the divine within”) for this purpose is growing quickly, and with it opportunities for things to go both very right and very wrong. 

In this session I share something of my own journey and a few anonymous examples from my practice. I guide and coach people that want to use psychedelic substances as a vehicle for self-discovery and transformation. You will learn how I implement the key elements of my Guided Tripping method: safety, fun, insight (state) and impact (stage). 

These real-life experiences will be linked to the growing body of research, and put in Integral terms by viewing my clients’ results though the lens of various adult development models. There are also interesting effects on the level of development within their Enneagram type (e.g. from average to healthy expressions). 

About Miriam van Groen

Long time Integral practitioner. Circling facilitator. Psychedelics guide and coach. Teacher. Mission: tending to possibility.

After teaching for 6 years, I burnt out 2 years ago. My Integral practices of e.g. Circling and We-Dreaming have facilitated the stage shift that this life event signaled. The time since has been the richest of my life. I now guide people wanting to use psychedelic experiences for their personal (stage) development. In sessions I mesh together my presence with various methodologies to fully serve my clients’ evolution.

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