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Leading with Consciousness

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Leading with Consciousness

It is clear that better leadership is needed to get through these trying times, and to navigate the future as well. And at the same time But at the same time, it is also clear that an evolution in consciousness, individually and collectively, is as critical. And so, in this workshop, we will see where both of those can meet.

The leadership industry has mostly approached the topic of leadership development from higher levels of consciousness, and that approach could easily cause these lessons to be missed by those in the leadership arena who do not yet resonate with these levels, who either don’t recognize those levels or simply find it difficult to apply them in an environment that is mostly operating from, and with the tools of, totally different levels.

The work that closest addresses this issue of levels of Consciousness (both structures and states) in leadership is that of Bill Torbert, Susanne Cook-Greuter, Frederick Laloux, and Robert Kegan.

In this workshop, The (Leading with Consciousness) model proposes a combination of the Structures of consciousness and States of consciousness in a language that would fit today’s leadership culture and yielding what I call 14 Leadership Avatars to guide leaders to both “Transform” from one Avatar to the next, and to “Translate” their current Avatar to perform in the healthiest manner possible.

About Mohamed Refaat:

Mohamed Refaat is an Integral Leadership & Consciousness Speaker, Trainer, and Coach.

After a career in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, he directed his focus to teaching Leadership and Consciousness, became a certified member of the John Maxwell Team, an Associate Certified ICF-Coach and a Certified DISC Personality-model Practitioner.

He is also a Certified Enneagram Practitioner, and a Certified Integral Enneagram Practitioner from the IEA-certified school of Enneagram Egypt.


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