Momoe Nishimura (Japan)

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Zen Eating to Practice Integral in Your Real Life

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Zen Eating to Practice Integral in Your Real Life

Zen Eating is mindful eating meditation inspired by Japanese zen buddhism.
You will learn to access new ways of eating. Practicing it helps you to be more aware of how to integrate your body, mind and spirit into your everyday life.
Eating carefully one bite at a time with a guide calms the mind, regulates your thoughts and gives you deep relaxation.
During this eating experience, I will take you on a journey of eating meditation that will bring you peaceful and joyful energy.
Please join with your own meal or snacks. You may feel more comfortable if you bring something healthy and nourishing.
This workshop includes
-Lecture to make your everyday mealtime an opportunity to embody integral consciousness
-Work to experience how to eat and the mindset while eating
-Sharing how you felt with other participants

About Momoe Nishimura:

Founder of Zen Eating. Developing and facilitating Zen Eating which is providing mindfulness practice through food inspired by Japanese Zen Buddhism. This online program has been applied by Google, Accenture, along with other companies and conferences. She has helped over 500 people in the circumstances that this Covid19 Pandemic brought as her program activates your senses by eating in a meditative state. She graduated from Chuo University and studied Zen and Japanese culture.


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