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Let’s Create a New Culture of Conscious Eating

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Marabella II.

Friday, 25th May

Let’s Create a New Culture of Conscious Eating

What we eat is only half of the story, how we eat it is the other half! Let’s explore a new food culture that includes body and emotions, nutritional research and common sense. On the journey of developing consciousness, an integral mind or even a Teal organization, sooner or later we probably hit a point where our food habits become a roadblock. We better take our body serious and include it on our evolutionary journey!

What is YOUR present food story: Are you struggling to keep healthy food on top of your priority list? Are you fluctuating between strict nutrition rules and heady concepts on one side and pleasure, spontaneity and social habits of eating on the other side? Imagine we could learn to listen more closely to our body, imagine it would give us clear signs about what’s good for our wellbeing and what’s not so good. How can we become more sensitive and attuned to our body’s signals?

Let’s have a look together at such a holistic, inclusive and conscious approach to the way we eat and nourish ourselves. We will leave the talk inspired and with practical ideas what could be our very next step towards a New Culture of Conscious Eating.

About Monika Divisova:

Monika is holistic nutrition coach with 17 years of experience gently guiding people towards the conscious way of eating. Her approach to nutrition is very practical, down to earth and simple. Her combination of nutrition and somatic approach brings nourishment to the deeper level of the client. She is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner; Entrepreneur and Founder of Wellnessia – an organization based on Teal and feminine principles.


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