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Teal-OS: How backwards compatible is it for large corporations?

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Marabella I.

Thursday, 24th May

Project: Teal-OS: How backwards compatible is it for large corporations?

Why are some so called teal organizations very successful? Is it despite or because of their chosen “Teal-OS”? Why is this concept so appealing to many large corporations? And why will most companies’ effort to introduce this new approach necessarily fail? Corporate Europe is increasingly debating new strategic visions like “Agenda 2020”, “Vision 2022” to connect their big picture WHAT with their reason WHY and the organizational HOW. Moritz will share his experiences and best practices of his trainers with large multinational companies and their quest to upgrade to a post-modern corporate culture. This is an ongoing process in its infancy with only a few but very promising examples of companies and teams that successfully performed their upgrade. We will encourage all participants to share their own experiences and best-practices with helping companies to upgrade their OS. Collectively we will start creating a blueprint that can help and inspire other teal practitioners to succeed.

About Moritz Ostwald:

As a corporate trainer, executive coach and integral consultant Moritz is a sparring partner for his clients, always on a mission to inspire and empower them to grow-, wake- and show-up and help them define their ultimate purpose. In his role as owner and CEO of Alpha Inspiration he leads 51 European trainers&coaches in their mutual quest to help clients upgrade their mental and organizational Operating Systems. His “addiction” to learn and grow is infectious.

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