Ristic, Nikola

(Serbia, US)

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Spirituality for Our Time

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Spirituality for Our Time

In my presentation, with the full title Spirituality for Our Time: Deep, Developmental and Collective, I discuss an example of integral spirituality based on Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory and my own spiritual teaching Spirit X. We will be taking both a cognitive and experiential-spiritual tour through the spiritual terrain of our age. The theoretical part of the presentation will discuss the major features of integral spirituality for our time, such as body-mind-spirit cross-training; enlightenment of spirit and enlightenment of mind; Buddha, Dharma and Sangha as the container for spiritual practice; utilizing science and technology for spiritual growth and unfolding; overcoming spiritual materialism; Self-Realization in the present-day world; Ways and Codes in Spirit X and much more. The experiential part of the presentation will include guided meditations, non-dual pointers, empowerments and envisioning our global integral future.

About Nikola Ristic:

Nikola Anandamali Ristic is an author, philosopher and spiritual teacher.
His latest book Spirit X: Spirituality for the Global and Digital Age – Basic Principles is praised by many integral scholars and practitioners.
He offers talks, workshops, retreats, online programs and private sessions. Originally from Serbia, Nikola lives in Santa Cruz, CA.

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