Title of contribution:

Feedback as a daily practice.

Where & when:

Ibiza II.

Saturday, 26th May

Project: Feedback as a daily practice. Do you want to grow more conscious of your idealizations and be able to loosen your fixations to certain self-identities?

With an intentional practice we can become more fluent and skilled in giving and receiving feedback. In that way we can see feedback as a sign of compassion and care, that creates a we-space.
In doing so, we might grow more conscious of our idealizations and be able to loosen our fixations to certain self-identities.
In many working places feedback is not a deliberate practice. The risk is, that we either shy away from speaking clearly or we tend to burst out our feelings, when we finally speak.
By working intentionally with feedback teams we can mature this skill – both as an intra- and interpersonal practice that supports the overall intention of the organization, team or community.
To practice feedback is also a wonderful opportunity to work with the I-perspective (1st person), the You-perspective (2nd person) and the It-perspective (3rd person).

About Nina Jensen:

Nina Jensen believes in more free, full and flexible human beings and organizations. For over 20 years she has worked as an organizational psychologist and facilitated managers, specialists and teams to grow, to flow and to be more whole. Ninas work includes maturing dialogues and conversations in workplaces and using herself as an instrument for human development.


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