PERERA, Nomali

(US, Sri Lanka)

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Still Triggered by Trump: A Shadow Clean Up

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Presentation: Still Triggered by Trump: A Shadow Clean Up

At the time of writing this event description, Donald Trump has just moved to Florida after his defeat in the US presidential election. It feels like there is a collective, global exhale to see this man’s departure from the White House . . . well, for some of us. After four wild years of Trump, divisive politics and cultural upheaval, it is likely not an exaggeration to recall and perhaps safely assume that this man triggered a firestorm of anger and repulsion across the globe for many. It is also true that he remains greatly admired by many. For Integralists, if we are honest to the teachings, Trump is an opportunity for deep shadow work as an Integral Life Practice. Is there a “buffoon”, “bully”, “mad man” or “strong, powerful leader” hidden in us that is needing to be integrated and transcended in a healthy way? If you felt or still feel strong emotions–positive or negative– toward Trump, join this session to examine, befriend and release the Trump within our own unconscious psyche.

About Nomali Perera:

I am an executive and personal development coach and facilitator based out of Colorado. I take delight in co-creating deep learning experiences for individuals and groups using integrally-robust tools such as the Immunity to Change™ process, adult developmental theories and the AQAL map. I co-founded the Boulder Integral Center, have been a people development consultant and trainer in Brazil & Mexico, and, more recently, I have been leading Integral Life Practice groups at Integral Life.

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