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Integral Dance of Life

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Play Room

Friday, 25th May

Project: Integral Dance of Life offers the richness of 50.000 years of human life in a 2,5 h long danced and enacted experiential journey through stages of evolution, guided by a soundtrack and some words.

The Integral Dance of Life is Theory made Experiential. To be enjoyed through body, feelings, vocal expression and interactive theatre; to be understood and integrated through meditative-reflective interludes. To be expanded through sharing.

To the integrally informed, the process can be an inventory; how well rooted and free are your first tier stages? Where might shadow appear? Tickling your awareness with sound might reveal stunning insights your thinking mind wouldn’t reach in years.

Cavemen and Clans women, come and live your Attila the Hun & Cleopatra of Ancient Egypt, mightiest rulers of the world? Go on chanting with your brother Buddhist monks and pray with your sisters of Holy Mary? Did you ever get to free slaves and bring democracy? When did you last dig the Summer of Love, sis? Peace, man, peace! What brought you to this Integral European Conference? Where do you go from now?

This, and more can and will be experienced. Move, enjoy and liberate.

About P. Ola Jannhov:

P. Ola Jannhov, born 1964 in Lund, Sweden. Lives in Germany since 1990. Worked the last 17 years as a DJ, entertainer / presenter and native speaker (event & marketing business). Widely trained and experienced process worker, educated leader of active and social mediations, worked with theatre, language, dance as therapy and meditation (educational, cultural and spiritual-therapeutic settings, 12 years). Trained in Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and India. Unites joyful simplicity with depth.

Website: https://integral-dance-of-life.de

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