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Whole-Body Mystical Awakening Meditative Practice

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Presentation: Whole-Body Mystical Awakening Meditative Practice

After a brief description of Whole-Body Mystical Awakening meditative practice, I will lead a twenty-minute session with time to reflect afterward.

About Paul Smith:

Integral Christian Network engages all four quadrants in upper left meditative prayer, practiced in a lower left collective setting, that has implications for upper right embodiment, and lower right engagement in a worldwide network of healing and transformation. We practice Whole-Body Mystical Awakening meditation which integrates head, heart, hara, and feet, as well as Wilberian and Gebserian theoretical orientation, Jorge Ferrer’s practicum of centers of spiritual knowing, and Raimon Panikkar’s theological definition of Christ as the Christian symbol of the seamless integration of divinity, humanity, and materiality.

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