Title of contribution:

Integral Healing & Awakening

Where & when:

Play Room

Thursday, 24th May

Project: Integral Healing & Awakening

During this session, we will explore every fundamental element of healing. Using the elements of the elements of the integral theory you will discover how to combine meditation & therapy, bodywork, and social awareness into your healing. You will also learn how Inner Child work & past life regressions also play an important role in your unique healing. Moreover, you will be in the presence of someone who has engaged for the last 10+ years on his integral healing and awakening.

About Peter Moreno:

Peter hails from Chile, constantly explores the world and at this point in his life, lives in Belgium. A keen facilitator of talks and workshops on personal growth and spirituality in Europe for the last 6 years. He is a certified Integral Coach (Canada and Amsterdam) and Pranic Healer (Chile and Colombia). Loves to travel the world doing workshops and training on personal growth, psychological and spiritual development. Peter is also a Gestalt Therapists and Vipassana Meditator.


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