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Saturday, 26th May

Project: INTEGRAL LENS: a multi-perspectival visual journey of urban fine art photography from the United States

We propose the ‘Integral Lens’ photography exhibition as a companion to the theory track submission by Prof. Mark DeKay and Greek photographer Pygmalion Karatzas. During a 5-month trip in the United States, Karatzas used an integrally-informed framework to structure and produce the project featured in the exhibit. He combined objective and subjective perspectives, modern and postmodern approaches, and editorial and artistic types. Using the dual structure of architectural assignments and self-initiated projects, these photographic series pay homage to the major genres of the architectural photography field.

Dependent on venue details, the exhibit will combine prints, time-lapse videos, digital images and interpretive texts. The exhibit’s vision combines exterior reality representation with a meaningful expression of our interiority. We hope viewers will contemplate their symbiotic relationship with the material world, and ultimately become inspired by the built environment.

About Pygmalion Karatzas:

Pygmalion Karatzas is an architect and international award-winning photographer focusing on an integral approach to architectural and fine art photography. With over 180 projects from Europe, USA and the Middle East, regular publications, exhibitions and book collections, he is dedicated to the study, portrayal and dissemination of the built environment and its broader role as a cultural asset. Based in Aegion, he travels throughout Greece and abroad for his personal projects and assignments.


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