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Inner Positioning for a VUCA World

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Presentation: Inner Positioning for a VUCA World

With INNER POSITIONING you’ll learn that no matter what happens in the outside, you have a beautiful and cozy space inside that you can inhabit to which you can always return and in which you may always reside,… then your life becomes a real joy, full of confidence, self love and openess to share and to build with others communal spaces for a regenerative future. INNER POSITIONING is the Psychotherapy methodology that I’ve created after 34 years of practice as a Psychologist, Personal and Transpersonal teacher and Coach.

In this workshop you will experience with yourself, couples and others the magic of the close relationship between your external house and your inner house, the way in which you may improve your relationships and what happens with your intimacy and your dreams. You will take an experiential feel of what it is to inhabit your own self by recognizing where you’re positioning your ideas about yourself, others and the world.

Authors of past centuries (St. Therese of Avila) and also contemporaries (Ivan Illich, Zambrano, Csikszentmihalyi, have talked about the importance of “inhabiting” referring to something more than to use the external house as a refuge. Imagine learning to do that with your “inner home” as it is what we’re going to be doing with the different areas of your life, which are represented for each room of the house.

About Raquel Torrent:

I am an Entrepeneur of Consciousness and I accompany people in the development of their own qualities and skills for a better performance in their lives. That’s why I like to call myself an “Integral Potentiator”. I have 34 years of experience as Psychotherapist, working with Integral Theory and Practice, for more than 20 years, teaching and applying it in my life. I am a licensed Psychologist, Integral Therapist, Coach and accredited Facilitator of the Transformation Game (Findhorn-Scotland)

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