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the expression of spiritual leadership in Lithuanian context (Acad)

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Saturday, 26th May

Project: The expression of spiritual leadership in the medium-sized businesses with particular focus on Lithuanian context

The empirical research performed in Lithuania medium-sized businesses provided information on managers’ spirituality level and allowed to identify specific attributes of organisational culture. The study gives a detailed discussion of the expression of spiritual leadership attributes in Lithuanian medium-sized businesses, evaluates spirituality levels of top-level managers in the same segment of companies, and identifies cultural attributes of businesses led by spiritual leaders. The interpretation of the results is done by linking cultural attributes of spiritually-oriented organisations with qualities of the integral model of leadership, thus describing the expression of spiritual leadership in the culture of Lithuanian medium-sized businesses.

About Rasa Katiliene:

In recent years, I have been conducting leadership training at various organisations, coaching sessions and consultations, helping to develop leadership and spiritual intelligence (SQ) skills for those who seek profound transformations both at the organisational and personal levels.

I have 12 years of practical experience in the areas of leadership, project management, sales and customer service, which I gained working at the telecommunications company UAB Omnitel, and in the field of personal.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/RasaKatilieneConsulting/?ref=bookmarks

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